My name is Josephine Anna Wall, most people just call me Anna or sometimes Jo-Anna, and welcome to my portfolio. I have worked in software for over 11 years now. I own a small company named Studio JAW. JAW being short for my initials of course. I have also worked with other companies such as Diamond Phoenix and Eaton.

I have had a prolong interest in User Interface Design and Web Design as far as I can remember. When I was in junior high school I started learning HTML from an O'Reily book I received while shadowing for a company called Netlink. This was also about the time I started to gain an interest in programming. I taught myself TI-BASIC and made games for the TI-Calculators and sold them to other students. I then started to have an interest in graphics and video game development. I once even tried to make a game (an RPG) in QBASIC. One summer, I even attended a coding and robotics class, when my first completed game, "Box hunter" arose. I didn't have much skill then as I do now. During high school, I even passed an English class by instead of writing a report for our assigned reading, wrote a pong clone. My interest in Graphic Design comes from Highschool where I was the Layout and Design editor for our highschool newspaper Knightlife, where for over a year I was the Layout and Design Editor.

During my years after high school, I have worked for many companies and coded in many languages. Under the Seijinohki name I have also worked on many independent products, such as DigiBand and WithDint, and worked under contract for many companies for either coding purposes or IT. I am a Software Engineer and Graphic Designer. I call myself an Engineer, because I create software from the ground up. Engineering how each class will function and interact with the rest of the application. I am usually pretty capable at editing frameworks to improve functionality, or fix bugs.

I had decided to go back to school to better train myself in Graphic Design, my goal is to apply the knowledge I received from those courses to what I know about software, and further my career in User Interface Design. Companies I have worked for in the past, I was generally get put into tasks working on front-end development over back-end. I am capable of both, but most companies find my strengths in designing more useful for front-end development.

My mission in life is to be recognized for my work and to have a peace of mind. I hope to one day see one of my crazy ideas or products take shape and become the next big thing. I also wouldn't mind being part of helping someone else's idea take form and become big.

I also am a DJ. I specialize in playing J-core, which can be defined as, as far as I can tell, any Genre of Japanese E.D.M. (Electronic Dance Music) fused with Hardcore. Their styles range from club, pure techno, all the way up to Gabbar. I also do Karaoke, and I don't mind doing American stuff either. I also do a bit of production work as well. One of the things to note, is I did create all the music for Izanami's Dream Battle, the game I have recently published. And I am currently know for a style that I have coined, "Symphonic Gabber".