Past shows by DJ JAW

I occassionally play at a local bar, named Papa Pete's at their "Open Deck Night", to practice and build / tryout new setlists. Here is a list of the rehersals for those mixes, and others. But these are past mixes I have done for various venues and events.

Mixes are ordered from newest to oldest, please have a look around and if you like something, don't be afraid to share the link!


Name Comment Date
Izanamis Halloween Dream.ogg Uploaded on 18/10/2015
Papa Petes - I accidently'd a playlist.mp3 Uploaded on 13/4/2014
Papa Petes - Join the Club, Yukkuri Girl.mp3 Uploaded on 13/4/2014
Rei-Mew-Sic.mp3 Uploaded on 3/6/2014
The Dark Side of Gensokyo Touhou ~ 175bpm - 220bpm Hardcore Gabbar Style 9/8/2014
Papa Pete's: What's Hard? Core ~ Comiket Style (C83) J-core 175bpm Otaku Hardcore Style 12/9/2013
Papa Pete's: Harder Hard Core ~ comiket style (C84) J-core 180bpm Otaku Hardcore Style 12/23/2013
Feeling Baka Hardcore remix of "Beloved Tomboyish Daughter". 12/23/2013
Papa Pete's: What's an EDM? ~ Comiket Style (C83) J-core 128bpm Otaku Club Style 12/2/2013
Papa Pete's: Yukkuri~. J-core 128bpm Club Style 11/4/2013
Papa Pete's: J-CORE です! (This is J-Core) J-core 170bpm Pure J-Core Style 11/25/2013
TouuuuuuuuuHou~kkuri 128bpm Club and Rave Style 11/2/2013
Papa Pete's: YUKKURI じゃない。。。 J-core 135bpm Funky Grab Bag of Club Style 11/18/2013
Papa Pete's: Yukkuri Desu Ka¿ J-core 128-134bpm Club Style 11/11/2013
Papa Pete's: First Stage! <3 J-core 170bpm hardcore style 10/21/2013
IDKY (I Don't Know Yet) 115-186.6 bpm Touhou? EDM 10/13/2014
My Brain No Longer Understands Me - 1 150-210bpm Hardcore Gabbar style 09/01/2014
No fucks givin' (best of C85).mp3 C85 - Best of 08/16/2014
So, Like, Vocaloid Remix of: "Just too many people explain Vocaloid like this" by "Άlphα ☆ Apocαlypse" 05/26/2014
Touhou DJ Party - ACEN 2014.mp3 170bpm Hardcore - Touhou DJ Party at Anime Central 2014 05/17/2014
Scarlet Devil Mansion Party - ACEN 2015 05/16/2015
Wilting Flower (rev. 3) Another Touhou Remix. 04/14/2014
Waffle Stomp This was made on request, kind of imaginative, but wrong. 04/13/2014
Papa Pete's: Otaku Club Disorder (C85) J-club 128bpm Otaku Club Style 03/24/2014
Papa Pete's: I <3 it hard ~ comiket style (C85) J-core 175bpm Otaku Hardcore Style 03/21/2014

Last updated: 3/21/2013