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Touhou DJ Party - ACEN 2014.mp3
170bpm Hardcore - Touhou DJ Party at Anime Central 2014
I created this mix for our DJ party, hosted by me and Mid-West Touhou. The party was in the Garden Area of the Convention Center, next to the Exporteria cafe. If you missed out on this, you missed one heck of a show. We had so many people show up to this, and numerous telling us we were better than the actual dance that was going on for the convention at the time. Which is probably not really true, those guys work just as hard as us~!

My portion of the show was a hardcore set, which is what I'm presenting to you now. I was surprised that there was reception to the three songs I wrote was so intense. As soon as my stuff started playing, everyone went wild and more people joined the dance floor. I don't think it's that great, but if that's the reception I get, then maybe it really is? My personal style is Old-School Hardcore, while the rest of my stuff was more modern and shared elements of Dub Step, Club, and Trance.

Well, if you'd like to re-live the moment, or see what you missed, check out this mix~!