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So, Like, Vocaloid
Remix of: "Just too many people explain Vocaloid like this" by "Άlphα ☆ Apocαlypse"
So, I was trolling on facebook, when I saw another DJ friend of mine link, probably by accident, to this audio track on Sound Cloud, labeled, "Just too many people explain Vocaloid like this." So I listened to it, and I laugh my butt off for a bit, and then I told my friend, "You know what this means, right....?" Clueless, he said, "No.... what?". And then, I stated, "You need to remix the hell out of this. If you don't I will." Well, he failed to act upon it, so I did. And here it is. :3 ~Enjoy.


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1 ... So, Like, Vocaloid.
DJ JAW feat. Άlphα ☆ Apocαlypse