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My Brain No Longer Understands Me - 1
150-210bpm Hardcore Gabbar style
Part of a new branding, and part of a new strategy, I will now be putting my focus to just Hardcore Touhou, and Hardcore Gabbar music only. This show is the first of a series. And all recording will be live only.

Here are the tracks played:
  • DJ TECHNORCH — Schranz X
  • moro — No Future
  • USAO — Boku
  • RoughSketch feat. あいかぴん — Grimm
  • RoughSketch feat. Aikapin — Dollz
  • moro — Fuckin Halloween MARIA
  • DJ SHARPNEL — Redpill
  • Noizenecio - Wide Awake (feat. Katy Perry)
  • RoughSketch — Pink Slime
  • Neon Genesis Gabbangelion — POWERPUFF GABBERZ