My name is Josephine Anna Wall, most people just call me Anna or sometimes Jo-Anna --- Welcome to my portfolio! I have worked in software for over 10 years now. I own a small company named Studio JAW. My current active project for Studio JAW is, "The Angel Project", which you can find more information on here: The Angel Project. Studio JAW (JAW being short for my initials), is my branding name for my self projects, such as Digiband and Izanami's Dream Battle. Other than my own projects, I tend to work on Stuff for VRChat. You can find those projects here: VRChat Projects.

Besides my side projects, I have also worked with other companies such as The Glimpse Group, Level Data, Traumasoft, Diamond Phoenix and Eaton. I have had a prolong interest in User Interface Design and Web Design as far as I can remember. When I was in junior high school I started learning HTML from an O'Reily book I received while shadowing for a company called Netlink. This was also about the time I started to gain an interest in programming. I taught myself TI-BASIC and made games for the TI-Calculators and sold them to other students. I then started to have an interest in graphics and video game development. I once even tried to make a game (an RPG) in QBASIC. One summer, I even attended a coding and robotics class, when my first completed game, "Box hunter" arose. I didn't have much skill then as I do now. During high school, I even passed an English class by instead of writing a report for our assigned reading, wrote a pong clone. My interest in Graphic Design comes from Highschool where I was the Layout and Design editor for our highschool newspaper Knightlife, where for over a year I was the Layout and Design Editor.

During my years after high school, I have worked for many companies and coded in many languages. Under the Seijinohki name I have also worked on many independent products, and worked under contract for many companies for either coding purposes or IT. I am a Software Engineer and Digital Artist. As a digital artist, I produce all kinds of art, and usually my own art for all my projects. I design UI's, 3D models, avatars, etc. As a Software Engineer, as I building everything I do from the ground up, planning and organizing the project I am usually pretty capable at editing frameworks to improve functionality, or fix bugs.

My mission in life is to be recognized for my work and to have a peace of mind. I ultimately want to go back to college and finish towards a Doctorate, settle down and teach. I also have a strong interest in AI. I hope to one day see one of my crazy ideas or products take shape and become the next big thing. I also wouldn't mind being part of helping someone else's idea take form and become big.

I was once also a DJ. I specialized in playing J-core, which can be defined as, as far as I can tell, any Genre of Japanese E.D.M. (Electronic Dance Music) fused with Hardcore. Their styles range from club, pure techno, all the way up to Gabbar. I also did Karaoke, and I didn't mind doing American stuff either. I also did a bit of production work as well. One of the things to note, is I did create all the music for Izanami's Dream Battle, a game I have published. And I am known for a style that I have coined, "Symphonic Gabber".