Most of the software I have developed had been while working for a company. At Diamond Phoenix I wrote "RFM Pick" which allowed wearhouse users to find a product in their wearhouse and use an RFM scanner to pick the product out of the system. At Premier Products I wrote a few custom applications that were small but were created to aid the Asterisk PBX system. There were also a few smaller contracts through Seijinohki as well.

I have a very strong interest in OpenGL. This is possibly because of my interest in video games. I used to present a tutorial for the Computer Club of Western Michigan University for OpenGL. It covered the basics of how to get Open GL up and going and then I demonstrated how to render a cube and texture it. I did this for a few years before moving on.

Op-bar Tools

This was a call center agent tool. It was a keymapping tool that displayed on screen what the key shortcuts were, and how to use them. You could also interact with it by clicking the keys. It also had organization features and I wanted to expand it to use macros, however the client didn't want to take it that far.


This was a point of sales software package that kept track of products and inventory, but also was cashier software. We did get it to interface with an electronicly opened cash drawer, and it was almost complete, but interest for the product was lost. The sales point was that it wasn't just plain and generic looking POS software, but user Friendly and openGL with attractive 3D graphics.

AT Show

Back in 2002, I worked for a company called Computer Advisory Group. They had a product they were starting up called "Aero Tracker". At the time I didn't have my hand in on the application, but I designed it's website and this product. It was an application that was passed out on a CD. When inserted the application would start up in an OpenGL interactive interface that allowed you to browse through features of the product. It was a great way to communicate the product accross to our customers. If you'd like, the demonstration can be downloaded, in zip format, from here.


I have made many attempts at creating games, however it always ends up the same with the exception of DigiBand. It's usually there is little interest, and the whole project just falls apart. In some cases, personal problems prevented projects from being complete. All in all, some impressive things came out of my attempts, and overall it was a good learning experience. So I shall highlight those projects here.

Izanami's Dream Battle

This game needs no description. It is by far my most popular game I've created, and published on Steam. Please go check it out on steams website, clicking the header above will take you there.


Another game I have developed that was published. If you know the game "Rock Band", then you will understand what this game is. If you know what "StepMania" is, then you will really know what this game is. This game was designed to take fan made files and music, and allow users to create and play their own music with many different kinds of musical instruments and controllers that look like musical instruments. This was created before Rock Band, and was intended to look and feel like Konami's b-mani series of games. You could also say it's a free and open source replica of Konami's "Guitar Freaks and Drummania". It's inspiration was the success of "Stepmania" which was the equivilent free and open source replica of Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution". This game is globally used, and from what I can tell, primarily in South America. Adam Loutzenhiser took on the task of writing the sound engine, while I worked on the rest, such as the Graphic Design, Graphic Engine, Game Engine, etc. The game has been halted in production for a future version because I do not have the time to work on this by myself. This game can be downloaded and videos of the game can be seen at

Other Videos
Video Download with Commentary
DigiBand RC2 preview
DigiBand RC2 Playing God Knows
DigiBand 1.0 Preview

Before the Final Frontier

We had planned to create an MMORPG, using 16-bit graphics. We had a lot of great and original ideas. We wanted it to be some what randomly generated and allow for "Resets" to keep the game fresh and original. But to also allow the feeling of "Game Completion" which traditional MMORPG's never seem to offer. We had completed artwork, I designed for admins a "Level builder", and it used some really nice OpenGL effects, but it was sadly never completed. The music was being composed by Rachel Duncan, and the server software was being designed by Adam Loutzenhiser.

Crystal Panic

I am a fan of a game series from Japan called, "Touhou". And at one point I wanted to make a similar game, with the same gameplay. However; time constraints and personal issues kept me from completing the project. The game featured art from Katherine Smith and Music by Helix Eternal. I did all of the coding and Graphic Design. This was the first game we attempted to make for Microsofts XBL developed with Direct X and C#. More images can be found here.

Crystal Panic proof of concept
Crystal Panic proof of concept 2

Sakura Sol Crisis

Sakura Sol Crisis was a space shooter, free flight game. It involved the player to fly to and complete a certain objective. The game also featured a "Boss" for each level. I had completely two levels of this before I realize there was no interest in it's development or production.

Old Website for this project
A special wallpaper created while working on this game.