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(19/5 11:55PM) :
(9/11 2:38AM) Joe: Okay, time for this to go down.
(31/10 3:33PM) Annah: Hopefully this works Andrea!
(21/10 7:00AM) Joe: Yay!
(19/10 9:31PM) Mary: Did everyone see we got 25 out of 25 for the presentation.
(19/10 12:47PM) Grace: http://gickr.com/results2/anim_73f57b17-1a99-8db4-b96c-05ffd666e3d4.gif
(19/10 10:41AM) Joe: But yeah, even if we could open the indesign files, I have to have time to convert that into a site (as you see now created) and be able to upload them to the server. Which from KVCC is not possible, because of their retarded internet policies.
(19/10 10:24AM) Joe: Well, I have a very generic template going made from a CMS system I designed: http://www.friedpurplechicken.com/subaru2012/
(19/10 3:38AM) Scott: All the macs in the building that were by have indesign on them we can just open it that way and i'll come in early so we can figure it out
(18/10 9:34PM) Joe: I won't be able to upload all this to the website for the presentation... I guess if we don't have the website done, as long as we have the designs done, that'll be fine.
(18/10 9:21PM) K. Lester: Nice work Ben!
(18/10 8:36PM) K. Lester: I've done color mock-ups in Photoshop of several of the "skins" we talked about and some other miscl things -- I'll bring everything on Monday (plan to get there at noon)
(18/10 8:36PM) Mary: Ben - that does looks great!
(18/10 8:33PM) Joe: Thanks, Ben, you're awesome.
(18/10 8:03PM) Ben I.: I will bring the video files to class they are wmv files
(18/10 7:58PM) Ben I.: The commercial is finished. The first file is 4Mb so it's big the other file is only 816Kb. I uploaded the lower quality just incase the other won't load.
(18/10 6:18PM) Joe: it's okay
(18/10 5:47PM) Annah: I'm uploading some very very simple new designs I made there thee are stick figures on them sorry I have no software I apologize for it
(18/10 5:11PM) Mary: I've posted some text that might be able to used- in a website or YouTube - whatever we have going..
(18/10 4:41PM) Joe: okay, thanks!
(18/10 4:26PM) Peggy: I compiled all of Mary's, Kelly's and my copy into one document and posted it under my name. Anyone who needs copy on anything can use any part of what is there.
(18/10 4:15PM) Joe: Scott, it looks like you should be able to save-as to pdf.
(18/10 4:05PM) Joe: I can't find a viewer for in design files, maybe using save-as has a few options?
(18/10 3:59PM) Scott: is there a way I can turn them into a different file?
(18/10 3:58PM) Jamere: Anything else that needs to be done let me kno! thanks..lookin good ppl
(18/10 3:51PM) Grace: I have e-mailed everyone with a few questions/updates.. check your emails please!
(18/10 3:28PM) :
(18/10 3:23PM) :
(18/10 1:37PM) Richard: For some reason i cant get this doc to down load so im posting it here this is a idea of how to start . Welcome Subaru Co. I do hope your comfortable and ready to hear all we have in store for your new campaign in the promotion of your great new 2012 Subaru Out Back.
(18/10 1:34PM) Annah: sorry about the repeat there
(18/10 1:34PM) Annah: I'm going to come up with an ad that kinda ge