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Drive the Future. Change the world.

Introducing the all new, American made, 2012 Subaru Outback. A vehicle that is the perfect blend of performance, safety and innovative features.

It is also the most eco-friendly vehicle produced today. The many new and award winning features will become the industry standards for years to come.

This is Subaru’s first all electric car. It is powered by 2 super lithium batteries that store conveniently under the trunk mat. The batteries can be fully charged in only 10 minutes, have a useful life of over 300 miles per charge and can be charged anywhere..

At 245 horsepower and with Subaru’s exclusive Intelligent Drive System this car is guaranteed to be fun to drive. It has a Heads-Up Display for all performance information – your eyes never have to leave the road.

It holds 5 passengers and all their gear easily. With it’s on board navigational system - getting anywhere will be easy and fun.

The 2012 Subaru Outback has many great safety features. The built-in navigational screen automatically becomes a video monitor when the car is put in reverse. It has the latest state-of-the art Tri-Xenon headlights that tilt with the motion of the car, car windows that tint with the changing daylight and even a special gel system in the frame to help with those -- little parking lot snafus. Its All Wheel Drive and traction control system will keep you safely on the road. The Outback even has a governor system to control the performance of the car for younger drivers.

The Outback has the all new Aprilla Operating System that is voice activated. It recognizes your voice, helps you navigate and even does call home. It uses the latest Cloud technology.

The entertainment system gives new sonic performance and quality. The Outback has Harmon-Kardon speakers, a “drag and drop” MP3 system and iPod plug-ins for each member of the family.

There is one thing Subaru does needs your help with – you have to pick the color! Five luscious (delightful) colors to choose from . You can even have it customized with magnetic panels to fit your lifestyle – or work – if it has to be a company car.

And on top of everything else, it is covered by Subaru’s all inclusive 10 year warranty. Get ready for wherever the wheels will take you!! This car could change the world - oh wait – it already has.

The all new 2012 Subaru Outback.
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